Mayan Goddess of the Moon, is a spunky young goddess throwing lightning bolts with her friends until she meets and falls in love with the God of the Sun. Their tempestuous relationship leads to many colorful adventures, including an elopement across the Milky Way, a visit to the underworld, and a sojourn with the Vulture King. But can the sun and moon stay together? Are they two halves of a whole, or a world apart? Does the rambunctious young goddess finally grow up—and where can you find her now?

Told by Ixchel in the first person, the goddess’ story gives young readers 9-13 a unique entry into the world of Mayan mythology, providing cultural and historical context in a nonfiction section illustrated with maps and photographs.

Chosen as the “10 Best Indie Middle Grade Novels of 2014” by Foreword Reviews.

From the series A Treasury of Glorious Goddesses